Saturday, November 17, 2007

HARDCORE definition!!!

Went into the OR today.. it was the most amazing experience EVER!!! So here are some pics..

This patient had a severe case of kidney stones (they were HUGE!!).. he neglected them for so long, and his kidney got infected so pus started building up.. the only solution was removing the kidney (nephrectomy) and clearing the area from pus (the smell was 7adda wai3!!).. Now to get to the kidney they also had to remove the patients 11th rib (they chunked it in the trash :P)

Now in this case the patient was suffering from dialated leaking veins in the penis (deep dorsal veins)which caused erectile dysfunction..the procedure is called dorsal penile vein ligation.. they cut the skin as you can see in the picture, and took the penis out of the skin sack that it was in.. they looked for the veins that were dialated and tied them up on both ends then they cut in the middle..

This is Aisha observing in astonishment and AMAZMENT hehehe :P

Me scrubin' in :P

Moi suturin up a REAL, ALIVE, knocked out person.. :D


Me7sin said...

they never taught that in biology ;P

lookin real proffessional in the pics Yo, very concentrated

real good luck with the next one LOL

RED said...

lool nxt one.. yarab y5aloony i touch it.. a beating heart!! offf thinkin about it my heart iz poundin real fast.. adrenaline i tell ya ADRENALINE!

Ali said...

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shada said...

i can't believe what i see :)

yes this is my friend the great doctor ever!!!!

is it in our hospital -kasr alainy-?
u can enter OP now ! that's great..

by the way i didn't see all the Pics.
cause there is a blocking on the website that u used to upload the pics!!!
yes welcome in KSA
Plz try this website 4 me :(

shada said...

ga6awee move ur blog to it's better

devil may said...

haha Moooo'9i et5ay6eeeeeen!!!! woOow such a doctor ;) hehe its really cool.. we'll be there this week, come join us :D..
yalla ya 7elwh.. see ya =)

Anonymous said...

Hey... wallaah ya36eech alf 3afya 3ala kil ta3beech oo enshallaah leil a7san ;** .. My Doctor :D LuV Ya oo Hope 4 U ALL THE BEST =D

YoyO said...

ana min dashait el site la3at chabdi allah esam7ich ... bas nice gemtay ethab6een nafsich :P enshallah et9eereen dectoora bas mat3aljeeni tel3ebeen feeni :P hehehehe :P

Aisha'tEl-hoda said...

I'm speechless looking at all this!!!
It's all so amazing, an experience I'll never ever forget!!!
From the "RED" to the OR to the cairo traffic, ur blog is awesome! Keep adding to it...and we'll keep having amazing experiences isA!!!

Love ya Doctora!! :^* muah!

Nimat... said...

Wow! Lookie here... We have a future surgeon! ;) You look like you were... more than ready to get "down and dirty." A little too eager in fact... but, I guesss that was a good thing, eh?!
Soon, Insha'allah, you'll be that doctor instructing the poor, disgruntled second-year med. student on how to "suture." Great job! :)

(Mothy. I commented. So, there! :P)